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“This is perfect for what I need for the show. You did some amazing work here.”

– Ben M. Head of Marketing, Rhino Tool House

TalenAlexander partnered with Joalpe International UK to redesign their Website to better educate Joalpe visitors and expand their online visibility, run paid marketing campaigns and help with social strategies.

We’ve helped Joalpe International UK achieve above industry standard visibility growth and excel in online sales and building on their B2B relationships converting clients.

Engagement Overview.

TalenAlexander collaborated with Rhino Tool House to capitalize on the enduring effectiveness of print advertising/graphic design, leveraging its high trust factor and ability to capture longer attention spans. Rhino Tool House then leveraged these ads to their highly recognizable clients which include but are not limited to Tesla and Micrisoft.By integrating print ads with digital strategies, including email campaigns, social media, and SEO, the partnership ensured enhanced brand visibility and engagement. This comprehensive approach underscores Rhino Tool House’s commitment to maximizing advertising effectiveness and reaching their audience across multiple platforms.


Print ads continue to offer value in modern advertising campaigns due to several key factors. They enjoy a high trust factor, with 82% of consumers expressing trust in print ads in newspapers and magazines. Print materials also capture longer attention spans, with readers spending an average of 30 minutes per issue on magazines. Studies show that print ads have better recall rates, particularly for brand names and key messages. Print media allows for precise targeting of specific demographics, and its tangible nature enables sharing and retention. Additionally, local and niche publications are effective for localized and niche marketing efforts. Print ads can also complement digital strategies, creating a well-rounded approach for enhanced brand visibility and engagement. When combined with other advertising techniques such as email campaigns, social, SEO, and more, it is almost certain a brand will receive more visibility than a less-advertised counterpart.

82% of consumers express trust in print ads in newspapers and magazines.


Selling on your own website has great benefits. You can control your brand, create memorable customer experiences, set prices, and collect important customer information. This helps you connect with your audience, make more money without third-party fees, and have full control.

At TalenAlexander, we improved and refined their website to enhance user experience, keep customers coming back, and boost their online presence. With our strategy, we tripled their website’s visibility in just one year, strengthening their brand and increasing sales significantly.


Social media can be thought of as a global stage where you tell your brand’s story, reach more people, and make lasting connections. It’s like a direct path to your online store. Create interesting content and share it on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This isn’t just about getting more visitors; it’s like conducting an orchestra of clicks, conversions, and exploring your website. This boosts your online presence and helps your business grow digitally.

TalenAlexander has helped Joalpe International UK use social media to drive website traffic and connect with their audience through engaging content. Now, they’re great at creating content, engaging with customers, and tracking consumer behavior, all to increase website traffic and sales.

Joalpe image on Social Media Promotion
Joalpe image on Social Media Promotion
Joalpe image on Social Media


Print ads are portrayed as captivating and enduring representations of a brand’s presence and reliability. They are praised for their creativity and ability to leave a lasting impression on readers. Furthermore, the paragraph highlights the precision of print ads in targeting specific demographics and local communities. Ultimately, print ads are depicted as timeless and essential components of successful advertising strategies.

Rhino Tool House understands this effectiveness and partnered with TalenAlexander in developing effective messaging in order to reach their targeted audience.

Joalpe Remarketing Ads
Joalpe Remarketing Ads
Joalpe Remarketing Ads



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