At TalenAlexander, we believe that by combining a unique partnership with business owners, a killer work culture, and igniting our own passion for creativity, anything is possible.

We Love What We Do

First and foremost, we know we are blessed to spend each day creating, designing, writing, and strategizing as passionate communicators and creatives.

We Foster A Killer Culture

Our culture is a little different.  We empower our partners to think big, communicate boldly, and say what they feel.  That’s how we can deliver killer concepts, because we let creatives be creatives.

We Are Marketers, Not Miracle Workers

We have industry-proven tactics and techniques to drive business and increase your brand visibility, but we are realistic about how we can meet your business goals and upfront with costs and timelines.

We Treat People Like People

We don’t call our partners “clients” or “customers,” because we know that in the long run, we want to partner with you to enhance your brand visibility and grow your business.

We Work Hard

We work hard and we have fun while we do it.  We make sure to always stay on top of industry trends and are constantly tweaking our best practices to ensure all our partners are getting the best possible service.

We Trust in the Process

We know that not only does good work take time, but sometimes brand development and creative projects can be a daunting task. We trust in our best practices, our own internal processes, and in our abilities.

We Own It

We aren’t perfect and we can sometimes make a mistake or miscommunicate, but we own it and take responsibility for our actions.  We believe a mistake is just an opportunity to learn.