Social Media Marketing (SMM)

In order to maximize our client’s (online) visibility, we highly recommend expanding into social media. There exist a number of social media outlets, but the key lies in being able to identify the medium that is not only best suited to your business goals, but also generates a maximum ROI.

If our clients have existing content distribution channels, we perform an analysis of their engagement. Through the use of buyer personas created in the brand development process, we’re able to compare client social media visitors personas against the client’s ideal customer. After discerning which customers most closely align with the developed personas, we can perform further research to understand which social networks these users are most engaged in.

Duly, buyer personas created in the brand development process can be used to identify alternative shoppers who may have previously been overlooked; Further research is performed on these buyers as well.

If you want gain brand recognition, it’s important to get your content in the right hands at the right time. That’s why we don’t sit around and wait for your campaign to pick up steam, but instead discover where your customers are hanging out and then implement a strategy to help them find your services – after all, they do need you.