Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Charlotte NC SEO Company

Once upon a time SEO was a buzz word. My Charlotte SEO company was splattering page one before is was even cool to say that.  SEO is still the word today that is the trunk of the tree of all things search related. This makes it the heart of what you need to do. Your website’s structure and planning and where you website is linked to and from on the web establishes its’ meaning when evaluated by search engines. In less words, plan your site right expose it right or be one of the 99% who never see any business form it.

Every part of your search engine optimization plan is another percentage in your conversion rate. SEO represents the most cost efficient form of advertising on the planet. When done correctly the cost per new lead can be zero for a very long time to come. When I do the math, zero per new perspective customer from organic search is pretty good business.

All you need to know about SEO

While competition would fill this paragraph with “marketing speak” about white hat techniques and ethical approach, I will not waste your time trying to add more snakes to the snake oil. The one thing catch phrases like that ensures you is that that person learned their search marketing from reading about someone else doing search marketing. This is why they all sound the same in this paragraph.

We will do exactly what we would do with our own successful sites. You want sales, you want increased traffic and increased conversions. Buzzwords and trying to sound fancy never paid your bills. We get that. We got you. You got a Charlotte SEO company that applies what works in a way that we would our own website.

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