Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)


PPC Ad Campaign Management

If you are ready to tap into the positive return on investment that your competition has been leveraging in PPC, you should speak with us. A few reasons why you should wade through the ocean of PPC ad campaign management agencies and speak to us first?

A Certified Google Partner Agency *

  • Passing a minimum of 2 advanced exams.
  • Maintaining a consistent experience level of $10,000 worth of ads every 90 days with a minimum of 2 months to qualify.
  • Maintaining a monitored standard of campaign and ad quality that utilizes all of the features available for clients.
  • Maintaining integrity and being complaint free from past clients.
  • Google actively monitors partners in these ways and we must maintain these high standards to remain qualified.

Know the most, about the most

TalenAlexander works with campaign managers that hold every Google certification in every aspect of Adwords and digital ads on the Google Network.

We are certified in:

  • Search network PPC Management
  • Advanced search ad formats
  • Advanced display ad formats (banner advertising)
  • and Google Network Video Advertising formats.
  • Google Analytics

Example? Yodle is a large Charlotte based “digital Mc-Marketing” corporation with about 1,100 employees and all of them combined have only 3 of these 5 credentials.


Bing PPC Certified Campaign Management

It is only fair that Bing and Yahoo get about one tenth of the text that Google gets. Bing Adcenter offers much of the exact same features and approaches that Google pay per click ads do. Bing’s approach to marketing their services is to point out that Bing user do not use Google. So advertising on the Bing and Yahoo network offers millions of potential leads and customers that you would have otherwise missed out on. TalenAlexander campaign management is performed by a Bing Certified professional. Like the above Google certification this verifies the skill and experience in using the Bing ad platform. Bing ads offer expanded reach, lower cost per click and in some markets a great conversion rate.

While the audience is smaller the ads are an effective and well priced option for businesses to bring in new customers.