Which Social Media Accounts Does Your Business Need?

As a business owner, I know one of your biggest priorities is to make sure your business is getting as much visibility online as possible. One of the best ways to do this (besides having a killer website that is SEO and conversion friendly) is by having a strong social media presence. Depending on your target audience, being active on various social media platforms can help you reach an audience that you would otherwise have a difficult time reaching. But, what social media platforms should you be on? After all, not all platforms work for every business. This topic is what we’re going to explore today.

Here’s the scenario, you own a really great business, that offers fantastic services for your clients. You want to reach as many clients as possible so, what should you do? Join every social media site available? Definitely not! This is a common mistake that many business owners and even social media managers make. But not every social media site will have your target audience and spending your time and resources on these sites is futile and a waste. I have found that growing an audience on one or two platforms makes it easier to create really great content and engage with your followers. But, which platform is best for your business? Let’s dig into each one future and see where your business would fit best:

Facebook as a Business Tool

Facebook has the biggest return on investment out of all the social media platforms. A whopping 79% of Americans have Facebook, so it’s perfect for almost any business.

  • Facebook is the best place to start because creating a business account is free. Sponsored posts and ads are also usually inexpensive and you can tailor your ads to be seen by a specific audience.

  • With so many Facebook users, you can tailor and filter your ads based on age, location, gender, and likes and interests to make sure your ads are seen by your target audience.

  • Facebook allows you to share videos, graphics, blogs, and create conversations and connections with current and potential clients and customers. So really, Facebook is the ideal place to start for any business.

Other Social Media Platforms


First, answer this question: Do you sell products or services directly to consumers? If so, you should be utilizing Instagram. Instagram is perfect for product shots and connecting directly with consumers and potential clients. Instagram is the fastest growing social network and while it has fewer users than Facebook, their users are way more likely to engage with brands.


Is your target market aged 12 to 24? Do you create visual content or work in the media or entertainment industries? Great, Snapchat is perfect for you. You can create custom geofilters for brand engagement and also share visually-appealing stories with your audience.


Are you a consultant, freelancer, or looking to connect with industry leaders? Twitter allows you to connect with the movers and shakers in your field and create conversations with them, as well as potential prospects and customers.

*Tip: For a healthy profile make sure to tweet often, chat with industry leaders, and follow relevant hashtags.


Are you a blogger, photographer, or do you sell handmade items? This is the perfect place to showcase your work via pinnable images. Pinterest is 100x more shareable than Twitter and specifically designed for graphics and photography.


Are you in business-to-business sales or provide a service or product mostly to executives? Building a brand on LinkedIn could boost your sales and set you apart as an industry expert. To up your game, we suggest sharing articles you’ve written about your field.

Now that you know a little more about which social media platforms are right for YOUR business, tell us what you think! Which platform do you use the most? Let us know in the comments.