Why You (a Marketing Director) Should Hire a Marketing Agency

So you, a Marketing Director, are thinking about working with a marketing agency?…Oh, that thought hasn’t actually crossed your mind? Well, you should consider it. There are MANY reasons to partner with an agency to increase sales, and ease overall stress. At TalenAlexander we often work with Marketing Directors and Managers who are looking to up their marketing game. From our experience, here are the top five reasons…

1. You’re not a Marketing Unicorn (you can’t do everything).

Let’s face it, you’re great at your job, but you’re NOT the elusive Marketing Unicorn. As a Marketing Director, maybe you are a really accomplished graphic designer, but your blogging could use a little work. Let a marketing agency fill in the weak spots. A marketing agency would not only put together an editorial calendar and create great blog content, they could also put together a distribution strategy hitting various mediums. A marketing agency looks at the big picture and will have a plan in place so that your blogs are not just entertaining, but helps reach your SEO goals. In turn, your business will experience growth in revenue due to greater lead generation.

2. You get the expertise of a team.

Oftentimes when a Marketing Director becomes overwhelmed, they automatically think the solution is hiring a junior-level assistant or coordinator. However, hiring a junior-level employee requires dedicating time to finding a person with the right combination of experience and skills to add to your team.

However,  most marketing assistants or coordinators that are affordable have very little experience. That being said, you don’t want to fill a position with someone you’re going to have to train — that takes even more time away from you to fulfill your your job responsibilities.


You also have to think about salaried positions and ever-rising healthcare costs.

OR, instead you could partner with a marketing agency for the same cost (or even less!) of hiring an in-house employee. For the salary paid to one employee, you could get a team of experienced marketing professionals. Would a newbie Marketing Assistant understand how Facebook’s latest algorithm has affected your audience reach and engagement potential? Well, a good agency will have the necessary technical knowledge base while also implementing a plan to combat changes — Technology, social algorithms, and various advertising platform rules and regulations.

3. You don’t have to rely on inconsistent Freelancers.

To be fair, not all freelancers are inconsistent. TalenAlexander supports the dream of small business and encourages everyone to take a leap of faith and go out on their own. However, due to the nature of a freelancer’s job opportunities/availability (and lack thereof), they may not be able to guarantee a specific turnaround time. Though, when dealing with an agency, adhering to a specific time frame is an expectation and promise.

4. You can concentrate on what you like doing best, and give the agency the grunt work.

So, we have established you’re not a unicorn (sorry!), BUT maybe you’re a creative genius when it comes to graphic design. So, go’head with your bad self! Do your designing thang, and let an agency take over the areas that you don’t want to. Maybe for you, that’s your Google Ads. An agency will make sure your ads are converting the way they should be and you can get back to what you love — photoshopping your boss with a mustache and sombrero for the office’s Cinco De Mayo party flyers.

5. You can work with a marketing agency to help you design a comprehensive strategy.

When you’re working full time with your immediate team, sometimes your efforts can be swayed depending on the needs of specific departments. Ex. Sales, Communications, Customer Service, etc. This diverts a marketing director’s attention to sometimes less exciting marketing objectives, but they are equally as important nonetheless. This is where an agency can come in as relief. We all know that updated sales brochures are important, but if you’re not getting in any external leads for your sales team, the brochures are unnecessary. Let the agency be the bad guy and redirect priorities. Based on experience, industry, and competitive research, an agency will be able to create a strategic plan for priorities, goals, and next steps.


After years of experience working with numerous brands and organizations, we’ve learned that partnering with an agency is not always a Marketing Director or Manager’s first thought. But we also know how much support an agency can provide an in-house marketing professional. If partnering with an agency is something you might be interested in, feel free to reach out to us, we would love to answer any questions you might have.