LinkedIn – Because It’s Good For You!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have some idea of the impact of social media on business. Long gone are the days of social media purely as a means of online interaction. Today the medium is a behemoth in terms of brand communication channels i.e. LinkedIn.

That said, harnessing the power of social media isn’t easy. It takes expertise, innovation, hard work, and some risk-taking to develop a solid social media strategy. Seasoned social media marketers will typically select channels proven to be most beneficial to their strategy via research.

At TA we like to run the numbers, but we prefer to create an organic brand. If we were to go with what’s most successful, we’d miss all the emerging markets and trends. Why? Because we would never listen to the voice of our clients.

Instead, we’ve found that number crunching and creative liberty are the seeds to brand development. This has allowed us to explore the benefits of diverse social media platforms for our client base, all the while furthering our research into the business-brand model.

Today, let’s take a look at the often neglected, but highly recommend networking channel, LinkedIn.

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Brand Identification

Have a solid image/theme of your company’s brand before creating a profile on LinkedIn.

The networking channel has regularly updated their features since its launch, many of which can be used to enhance your profile. For instance, you can edit your profile copy, include external links, explore cover photo options, create a professional blog/vlog plugin, etc.

Tip for Profile Copy: While writing the description, elaborate succinctly your company’s products, services, work ethos, history, etc., You will need to identify your tone– create a brand voice chart— in making a true first impression with potential customers and clients.

You also need to make it a point to ask all your staff to update their LinkedIn profiles and connect their place of business to their profiles. 

Post With Consistency 

Marketing, Branding, Advertising, Social Network, LinkedIn, Professional Profile, Digital MarketingOne of the most noticeable features that LinkedIn has added are, Posts.

Using this feature, you can:

  • Keep followers updated with company news
  • Curate content
  • Post white papers, case studies, how-to articles, press releases, listicles, etc.
  • Provide a calendar of company events 

Your ultimate goal should be on share quality information with your LinkedIn network. Quality information that can be revisited has a higher potential for engagement (read, liked, commented, shared) by your connections. 

With increased post engagement, chances are you will further extend your target audience reach.

Additionally, as a part of our LinkedIn strategy we utilize ‘targeted updates’ aimed at our existing followers. You can target the followers on the basis of – company size, industry, geographic location, etc.

Of course, there are also  ‘sponsored updates’, which LinkedIn displays to your entire target audience irrespective of whether they’re a part of your network.

Search Engine Optimization

Marketing, Branding, Advertising, Social Network, LinkedIn, Professional Profile, Digital MarketingWhen creating your company’s profile, make sure to optimize your content with keywords that target your business, products, and/or services.

For proper SEO tactics you