Hiring the Right Digital Marketing Director

In the current advertising world, the position of Digital Marketing Director has developed quite the industry mystique.

To start, you may have heard a number of associated names like,

  • Content Manager

  • Content Strategist

  • Chief Content Officer

  • Content Marketing Manager

  • Chief Story-Teller

  • Brand Journalist

  • Managing Editor

  • Director of Content Marketing

  • Editorial Director

  • Web Content Manager

While there are a number of titles — depending on the job description — each will entail nuanced roles & responsibilities. Regardless, your marketing director will need to be in synergy with your organizational culture, to ensure greater ad success.

However, before we go any further, this isn’t an article on the step-by-step hiring process for a marketing director. While we feel it is necessary to go over some basic information, it’s better that you focus on hiring a marketing director that fits your brand. In saying that, we’re not promoting that you don’t perform due diligence, but focusing more on how your organizational culture is a reflection of your brand.

Rather, we’d like to share

That being said, our aim is to help you discern your organizational culture, so that in turn you will be able to hire a marketing director who fits your team.

1. First and foremost, you’re looking for someone who you can work alongside — that goes for any job/career position. To help you do so, developing a small list (3 to 5) organizational values is helpful not only as a criterion for potential organizational members, but your current team as well. These values will help to define your your organizational culture.

But, what is culture?

As Michael D. Watkins of the Harvard Business Review puts it,