Coffee Talk

It’s Monday again and time to get back to work. You might be struggling to find motivation, but we’ve got just what you need. Join us for a Coffee Talk session as we look at the business of branding.

It appears clothing company American Apparel has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. The clothing brand, catering to teenagers, is marked by it’s made-in-the-USA retro and modern fashion styles. Known for its racy marketing campaigns featured in magazines and even your local Creative Loafing, the brand is filing for bankruptcy almost a year after parting ways with founder & former CEO, Dov Charney.


That’s an unfortunate way to start off the week for a retail company with over 273 locations that pooled over 600 million dollars in revenue at one time; *figures based off 2013 annual report.

That being said, we know Mondays can be tough and hopefully your week is starting off better. Maybe your ball team won their game. Maybe you and your family spent some quality time together. Maybe you just stayed in bed. One way or the other, we’d like to share some information with you to help kick start your week work the right way.

We’ve recently read a great article on by John Brandon that can help you trade procrastination for productivity.


7 Minute Morning Routine That Will Change Your (Work) Life

1.Before you start: Prepare

“First, you need to find a quiet place. Hint for those who work in a cubicle farm: This is not at your desk. And it’s not in the car, because there are too many distractions.”

2. Minute one: Clear your head

“You have to clear your head. That phone you use to check your messages constantly or that iPad that’s stuck to your hip? Get rid of them.”

3. Minute two: Breathe a little

“…Breathing deeply creates a calming effect in your brain and helps you focus. Intentional breathing is important at all times of the day. For this routine to work, you have to stop and settle your thinking and get into the right frame of mind.”

4. Minutes three through six: Write notes and draw

“Draw a picture or doodle an idea. It’s a way to figure out what is important, and what is stressing you out. It is a record of your preparation and a way to help you look back and see, for these seven minutes, what was really important.”

5. Minute seven: Debrief

“Think about what you wrote and why, and make a brief plan–in only 30 seconds–to act on one of the items on your list. Just one. If you jotted down a note to deal with a conflict or to finish a report, decide to focus on that task and make sure you are intentional about addressing it.”

For the full article, This 7-Minute Morning Routine Will Change Your (Work) Life, click here.