Happy St. Patrick’s Day

While some of you may have had the foresight to take Friday off, we hope you all enjoy the holiday in a responsible manner. Nonetheless, the annual celebration of the patron saint of Ireland has exploded into an international phenomenon, having been celebrated by people of all races, cultures, and religious backgrounds in the U.S. for decades.


However,  St. Paddy’s day is about more than donning green garments and heading to your local watering hole. In truth St. Patrick’s day was primarily observed as a religious holiday, not to mention, St. Patrick himself was not originally from Ireland — which adds to its worldwide celebration.

One other little known fact that wasn’t presented in the video is that the color blue was originally associated with St. Patrick’s Day. However, due to British donning red during their occupation of Ireland, the Irish chose to wear green during the rebellion.


The Irish have been noted for their mettle in the face of adversity. It is in fact where the phrase, “Luck of the Irish,” was coined as the people of Ireland have had to prosper under duress in their storied history. It has in effect produced a prideful nation and earned them a reputation as the Fighting Irish.

This year’s St. Patrick’s Day may prove to be special for those celebrating as it coincides with the kickoff to March Madness.

In the event your bracket is busted, just remember to charge it to the luck of the Irish, and take it all in stride.