happy holidays from the TA family!

Well, It’s official; Friday before the big holiday week!

Are you scrambling to get last minute shopping done, packing up the kids to get on the road, or trying to knock out that last big project at your desk in hopes to earn your hall pass to start decking the halls a little bit early this year?

‘Tis the season!

One of our team members has managed to escape to sunny Miami already. Check out this killer office view from today:

Killer work spot

Cuban sandwich by the pool for lunch anyone? Yes please!

Whether you will be frolicking in the powdery New England white snow, fa-la-la-ing on the ranch out west, or toasting (your body or with an umbrella’d tropical drink) on a beach somewhere- we wish you the best, happiest, and healthiest holiday time this season.

Thank you all for being such wonderful family, friends, colleagues, and clients!

How do you celebrate?

#LoveYourFamily #LoveYourFriends #Celebrate