Five Digital Marketing Tactics to Hit A Homerun Everytime

In 2016, marketing in the digital space has become a force to be reckoned with against traditional (legacy) media outlets. It’s no longer uncommon to view a sponsored ad on Facebook, Twitter, and more recently, Instagram — each platform initially being created as a social network.

That’s not to say marketers everywhere aren’t looking to run ad campaigns on television, newspapers, and billboards — instead it is to denote the conjunction between media landscapes. From tangible to intangible, marketing efforts are visible in politics, entertainment, sports, education, medicine, etc.

It’s not to say that media makes the world go round, but instead that marketing helps spread ideas, technology, and information. That being said, the digital landscape has provided far more autonomy for industry specific branding strategy — without heavy federal regulation by agencies such as the FCC, musicians, politicians, athletes, scholars & academics, and  more have taken to the “Wild Wild Web.”

To further elaborate, have a look at this compilation of banned television ads.

While television continues to have a global reach and radio airwaves maintain a last line of communication in the case of catastrophic events, web and mobile space is the medium of the current social landscape — and it doesn’t look as if that’s changing anytime soon.

Competition from more established brick-and-mortar organizations and reputable legacy media firms, start up businesses and new age media agencies have found a way to level the playing field — the aforementioned entities have created withstanding wealth which remains a leg up for small budget marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, when you enter the digital space you must take these factors into account. It’s important to use tested, tried and true social, mobile, and web strategy to put your brand ahead of your competitors. While some of you may be joining the digital revolution late, don’t worry.

At TalenAlexander we’re all for leading the rebellion against legacy media and for that reason, we offer you Five Digital Marketing Tactics to Hit A Homerun Everytime.

1. Social Media with Spirit

Oops, that was a typo. We mean social media with spirits. Millions of Americans everyday love to unwind with a drink or two during “Happy Hour.” Bars, pubs, and restaurants alike market after hours drinking and socializing.

Some of your best business connections may have come after a dose or two of liquid courage — it’s not uncommon for salesmen to wine and dine potential clients/investors with a night on the town. In fact, in areas of the world such as Spain a mid-day siesta is common practice — in 2011 German unions called for a re-institution of the siesta.

So why not loosen up those Twitter fingers with a little bit of the sauce — some of the most profound tweets have come from the bottom of a bottle.

2. Death to Conformity

We know Instagram and Facebook have specific policies concerning content, but rules are meant to be broken. In the age of heightened transparency, nothing remains hidden as numerous scandals involving public figures and everyday people have become the norm.

Why is Instagram so adamant on denying your freedom of speech, or rather expression. Explicit content draws in not only fringe audience members, but your core market as well. Have you ever noticed how when there’s an accident on the highway, the flow of traffic is slowed due to emergency medical vehicles AND human nature a.k.a. morbid curiosity.

Try using Tip No.2 to help you #BreakThroughTheNoise.

3. Flexible Deadlines

What is time, really? Surely we know the seasons change and we all age, but who devised the 9-5, Monday through Friday workweek? Well, we can stop wondering with the help of Google — thanks Nebraska.

We know that there’s always tomorrow and that the sun will rise again, so don’t worry about being “on time.” Time constraints create additional stress. As the infamous quote from Field of Dreams states, “If you build it, they will come.” Publish your content in a fashion that is best suited to your lifestyle, whether with consistency or irregularity, because your target audience will always be waiting.

Think about it, it took almost a decade for film executives to release Sin City 2 and you can easily see how the film was not only a critical and box office success, but is on its way to becoming a cult classic. So, take our advice and make em’ wait.

4. Dictate Your Taste

Your audience consists of a range of personalities, of which conventional marketing wisdom will tell you to perform target market research. From there it’s suggested that you craft and cater your content to their needs, but lets’s get real — if you’re audience knew what they wanted, they’d just make it themselves.

Why spend all of your time worrying about what other people think? That’s no fun nor is it fair.

Instead, design your content with as little external input as possible. The result will be a far more personal piece that you can relate to, and will help your audience relate to you. Liberate your creative process and you’ll be astonished by the results.

5. Style Matters

Marketers tend to not make aesthetics a bigger component of marketing than they should. At TalenAlexander we understand that style is the only thing that matters. Substance is useless in the rat race we live in, as we know “here today, gone tomorrow.”

In the time you spend crafting a thoughtful marketing angle, your audience will be on to the next trend. Use that time instead to do something fresh, stylish, and sure to gain your audience’s attention.


Think about the recent Vine sensation “Damn Daniel.” It was literally just a video of the subject’s stylish attire. Just think if Daniel’s friend had waited to craft a compelling story to tell — by the time he released the video, Daniel’s clothing would have been out of style.

Don’t worry about taking the time to set a “deadline” or thinking about what your audience would like to see. Have a drink or two, break the rules, and start posting.

As you can see, there’s really nothing to it. Just keep it simple, but there is one more thing

April Fools!