10 Common Content Marketing Tips for Guerilla Marketing

Without sounding too dramatic, content marketing can feel like  a war zone — And no one enters a war zone unprepared.

Even with an ace up your sleeves, it is not easy convincing and converting your target audience to buy your product. This problem grows if you operate on a small budget and are in an competitive niche market. This is where you need to depend on specific tactics which can help you win every battle, and subsequently the war.

One battle-ready tactic is Guerilla Marketing, which is all about re-purposing things that your organization already produces and using them in an innovative, unconventional way to obtain maximum exposure. The almost non-existent budget for re-purposing curated content makes this a favorite with small-scale organizations.


Before you enter the battlefield, the first thing you need to have is a definitive plan, including:

1. Researching Your Target Audience

Taking a generalized route to content marketing is often one of the elementary mistakes made by marketers. Research your target audience and adopt a marketing strategy that aligns with their interests.

2. Defining A Strategy

Come up with a strategy that will take your brand to new heights. Think about the budget, set up a calendar, and create a timeline to achieve your goals. If needed (and within your budget), hire additional resources which can effectively help you execute your plan.

This includes hiring a content marketer (if you don’t have one working for you) and figuring out budget-conscious solutions and utilizing open source tools for content distribution. Many of these tools are available with a trial version — make the most of it.

Now let’s take a look at some action items that will help you ace guerilla marketing for your business.

1. Master the Art of Direct Mailing

mpress your target audience with subject headlines that immediately capture their attention. In a nutshell, a headline should drive your audience to open a newsletter immediately. In doing so, ensure that your subject line is eye-catching and has a voice with whom they can identify — Ditch the sales-y tone for something that is conversational.

2. Convert Your Content Formats

Have a SlideShare presentation?

Convert it into an informative blog post or an article. You can also repurpose company white papers and use them to create FAQs on your organization’s website and share them on a blog.

3. Embed GIFs

Everyone loves GIFs. Use social media platforms such as Facebook to post GIFs relevant to your brand or business. They are short, catchy, and have the potential to retain the interest of your target audience — You can also embed GIFs in your blog posts.