The Carolina’s Bestest Branding Firm Is Onto Something

CHARLOTTE, January 7th, 2016—Celebrating their two year success mark this month, TalenAlexander, Charlotte’s boutiquey’est of boutique branding firms is striking a chord with national and local businesses in a big way. Their message: “We make brands go, BOOM!”

CEO and Founder of TalenAlexander, Jason W. Ramsey, is leading an industry shift in the way firms and agencies partner with their clients. Foregoing the traditional tactics of a suit and tie firm (Jason prefers windbreakers), he and his team are taking an old school approach to modern day branding.

Better known by cohorts, as “The Chief”, Ramsey imparts this wisdom to potential clients: “Our ideas and methods da bomb. Your brand is probably lame and needs work. That’s what we do. We don’t just work on your logo, we build a brand that evokes all 5 senses… What does your brand smell like?…Feel like?…Sound like? For instance, our brand smells like a meadow of wildflowers, feels like a kitten brushing up against your ankle and sounds like a rocket taking off into outer space because…we make brands go, BOOM!”

In business marketing campaigns, it is typical of a company to outsource work to a firm who will pre-package an image, logo, and tagline for a comprehensive price. TalenAlexander has departed from these ordinary practices, choosing instead to let their customers do the talking. Literally, the customers do all the talking. “I choose to not talk at all during our client meetings. I think it really helps to develop the client’s organic voice. But if I HAVE to communicate something important to our client, I send them a text.” says [texted] Communications Specialist, Rachel Willis.  

TalenAlexander is a full-service marketing firm offering both digital and print marketing and consulting services. However, their core focus is always brand development. Production Manager, Simon Walker, a.k.a “The International Guru” understands the woes and challenges of business ownership. “Owning a company can be cumbersome and business owners are often too focused on the day-to-day operations while their branding is on its way to hell in a handbasket. This is where we come in. We’re basically the Superman of branding firms.”

Undergoing an incubation period over the past two years, they’re entering the second phase of their hybrid marketing model–TalenAlexander operates as your in-house creative department handling all your marketing and communications needs without the full-time salary requirement.

Ramsey, a 15-year marketing veteran, lives by a simple mantra, “Be consistent and faithful to your brand…your message, and your customers will respect you. If they don’t?…Well, we have all the passwords to our clients’ social media channels.”


TalenAlexander – Carolina roots with a global reach.

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