9 Tips for Choosing Post Topics

To write something that is worth reading, requires a topic that is engaging. Only if the topic is relevant to the readers, will they engage with the content. If the topic doesn’t interest the readers, your content marketing efforts will go in vain. But how do you make sure that you choose the right topic? In author Jason R. Rich’s book, Start Your Own Blogging Business, he states,

There are many factors to consider when selecting a topic that will produce desirable profits or allow you to build a large and dedicated audience for your blog. You must consider public interest, your knowledge of the topic, its longevity, and the audience’s interest in it. It’s also important to look at your competition and develop a way to deliver content that’s different, better, and more engaging.

Here are 9 Tips for Choosing Post Topics.

1. Brainstorm

Don’t let your idle mind be the devil’s workshop. Make it work. Let it think about new ideas and how they can be leveraged to make the content more relevant. Unless you brainstorm, you are not going to get those wonderful topics you aspire to write about.

2. Know Your Audience

Try to identify your target audience – Is your topic relevant to seniors? Is it the people between the age group of 20 to 30? Is it women? Once you have an idea about the people you have to write the content for, you can see what topics will attract them.
Your ultimate aim is that your content should be read by your target audience. Unless you know what they like to read, you will not be able to cater to them. So, do some research and see what information your targeted readers search for. Try to provide it to them. This will ensure that they flock to your content.

3. Look for Trending Topics

Scour social networking sites like twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. to see what are the hot topics right now andry to find out what the people are talking about. You can even use tools like BuzzSumo to find out the trending topics. Such online tools will help you find out about top topics which are relevant to your business. You can base your content on these topics. This will appeal to those readers who are talking about these.

4. Select Something That Interests You

Your topic must interest you. If you do not have any interest in the topic you choose, it will reflect in your content. An article written with a disinterested mind will not engage any reader. Choosing the right topic entails taking something that you find attractive enough to write about. This will ensure that your article is appreciated by readers and your content marketing efforts get fruition.

5. Discuss With Others

You might think that because your friends and colleagues do not read or write for your blog, they have no idea about what is happening in your world. Yet, you might be surprised by the insights they give related to what you need to write about.

It is always good to discuss things with people in your surroundings. Talking with them might help you get a fresh perspective on old topics or you might get new ideas to write about. Discussion on current affairs will enable you to see what topics affect people. Ask them “what do you think about…?” and see what they come up with. You can then focus on these in your content.

6. Make Sure To Research About Your Topic

You must have a ‘better- than- average’ understanding of the topic you choose. If you do not have knowledge about it, research, read and acquaint yourself properly with the topic before you attempt to write on it. If you write something inaccurate, you will be immediately caught. Internet trolls are everywhere and  are always ready to share their opinion if you write something erroneous. 5.6% of individuals admit that they enjoy trolling online. It is probable that you too would suffer from the activities of these individuals if you do not take care of what you write.

7. Choose a Topic That is Fresh

Readers will not stick around to read about stuff that they already know. You need to choose a topic to which you can add something fresh. No one likes to see repeat news over and over again on television. It is the same in the field of content marketing. Readers require something new, something novel. If they find a fresh perspective in your writing, only then they will engage with your content.

8. Dig a Hole

No matter what topic you choose to write about, there will be hundreds of articles written by others on that topic. Yet, not everyone has exploited every topic of every niche. You have to find that hole which has not been dug yet. You can choose a topic that has received less attention and try to add your content to it. People will appreciate if you write about such topics.

9. Ensure It Is SEO Friendly

Another important thing to ensure while choosing a topic is that it should be SEO friendly. If your topic is SEO optimized, it will be easy for people to find it. Whenever someone will search anything related to your topic, your post will be visible to them. This gives you more opportunities to engage people with your content.

Building a successful blog is a commitment in time, effort, and hard work, all with the expectation of a substantial ROI. For that, you need to choose a topic that has a punch. Use these tips as a guideline to help you choose an engaging topic for your next post. So what are you waiting for? Start your topic search, now!