7 Misunderstandings You Have About Content Marketing

You are doing it all wrong!

Yep, you read that right!

We know you might not like hearing that, but there is a very good chance you’ve got your content marketing and its priorities all wrong, especially if you’ve just recently made it a part of your online marketing mix.

At TalenAlexander, we don’t claim to be the final authority on content marketing, but we believe in our experience and the false starts and pitfalls we’ve encountered has given us a better grip than most about the ins and outs of content marketing.

Content marketing has been taking place for thousands of years. A funny yet thought provoking infographic on content marketing created by the Content Marketing Institute claims that it began as early as the Stone Age!


We wholeheartedly agree with them because every carving you see on a cave wall was made by people with a clear purpose: to convey a message to other people who came across these drawings. Isn’t that what content marketing is all about?

One of the biggest misconceptions that businesses/marketers/creative personnel have about content marketing is that the term ‘content’ only refers to text. Well, we’re here to tell you it doesn’t. The term content refers to everything from text, images, video, gifs, and the newly evolved 6 second vines.

Useful targeted content wields enormous influence, but that’s only possible if you get rid of any misunderstanding you have about content and its distribution.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the process of building a relationship with the audience and paving a path for two-way communication by offering valuable information in a wide variety of mediums.

What if Content Marketing is Done Wrong?

When you create great content, but have poor execution in distributing it, you are essentially missing out on making an impression on potential customers and losing out to your competitors.

You have been doing it wrong if…

1.You are Using Content Marketing as a Money Making Opportunity

The quality of the content being created and the focus on your audience is lost the instant you start using it as a way to earn money. As a matter of fact, it’s an investment wasting the time, energy, and ideas you put into strengthening your brand.

Content must be used to improve brand credibility and authority, but it needs to inform, educate, enlighten, or inspire your audience–use content marketing to converge your personal and business brand– with subjects you are knowledgeable on.

Do this over a period of time and the reputation of your brand will trigger improved sales figures by creating thought leadership. If you are planning on getting instant returns on your investment, content marketing is not for you. Think of it as a long term investment to build a loyal audience which over time helps deliver ROI.

Forget everything else and focus on making your valuable content invaluable. That’s the way to climb the success ladder.

2.You Assumed Great Content Will Market Itself

Great content is powerful and has the potential to make an impact on its audience, but you need to market this content– get it in front of your intended audience– as its appeal alone won’t guarantee eyeballs. Just because you have created something amazing doesn’t mean content will promote itself.

There are rare instances where a piece of content becomes viral without you putting too much effort into the results, but that’s a one in a hundred-million chance. Aggressive and targeted content promotion is imperative for effective content marketing performance.

Creating engaging content is just the beginning. Promoting it in the right manner is the next and most important step, irrespective of whether you are working with a huge budget or a shoestring budget. There are plenty of promotional opportunities available in order to distribute your content in a realm where your target audience gather.

Try submitting to press outlets like your local newspaper, online blogs, or academic journals.

3.You Assume that Content Marketing is Blogging and Vice Versa

Did you know that YouTube videos, infographics, and webinars are all content marketing formats? If you don’t, it is time to redefine the basics because content marketing was nev