7 Crazy Examples Of Limited Edition Marketing

Scarcity sells. This is an age-old belief leading brands — especially for luxury goods — to churn out limited edition products year after year. This marketing strategy is used by companies internationally and there are examples aplenty of brands who have made an effort to capture their target audience’s attention with exclusive products! From limited edition cars to limited edition perfume bottles, just how effective is scarcity as a marketing strategy?

Here are 7 Crazy Examples of Limited Edition Marketing to give you a better perspective.
1...Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon

If you are a true blue Bourbon lover, then there is little chance that you haven’t heard of Pappy Van Winkle. The bottles of Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve are available as 15-year old versions, 20-year old versions and 23-year old versions. Priced at $80-$250 in the retail market, the range of the rare bourbon can escalate up to $750-$5000.

A supreme ageing process, the blissful taste and several awards to its credit, make the bottle of Pappy’s a much-sought after product till date. Add to this the fact that the company releases a very short supply of 7000-8000 bottles per year, thus retaining its exclusivity for only a handful of people.

Such is the craze for Pappy Van Winkle, that it recently announced a lottery! The brand of premium bourbon is also the blue-eyed-boy on black markets. Sample this – in 2014, it was available for $657 for the 15-year old bottle, $986 for the 20-year old bottle and a sweeping $1,677 for a 23-year old one.

2...Coca-Cola Daft Punk Bottles

In 2010, Coca-Cola collaborated with Mika to come up with Daft Punk bottles. Launched in two different colors – gold and silver, the bottles based on the helmets worn by the French duo. Available in a collector’s box and through Colette in the French capital, Paris, the bottles still hold immense value and are available for sale on eBay.