5 Content Marketing Resolutions for 2016

Every new year begins with resolutions, both large and small. Some people try to form more health-conscious habits while others try to move a step closer toward completing their bucket list.

Although most resolutions are restricted to individuals — a personal journey of growth — there are resolutions for professional fields.

That being said, let’s examine some Content Marketing Resolutions for 2016, which we at TalenAlexander have decided to follow.

1. Give Precedence to Quality Content

Last year, Google brought forth a number of updates, one of them being the quality update. The quality update was attributed to the fact that Google’s search-engine heavily stresses quality search query results — the chances of another ‘quality update’ this year is likely.

For this reason marketers should give precedence to producing quality content.


Now, you might have already started putting this into practice by removing spam content from your web pages, but additionally you need to focus on creating content that engages, entertains, educates, and informs your target audience.

In short, it should deliver immense value to them — the added bonus being a piece of content that can be curated and re-shared and redistributed throughout your network.

2. Learn and Unlearn