10 Things Content Marketers Can Learn from Executive Chefs

Targeted content marketing is valued just like a fine dining experience. In a restaurant it is the head chef who is responsible for your dining experience. He is a highly skilled, professional artisan who takes care of everything from conception to execution.

In content marketing, it is the content marketer who is headlining efforts to guarantee you have a rock solid content marketing campaign.

Having this concept in mind, let’s look at some of the qualities that content marketers can learn from Executive Chefs

  1.   Understand Your Target Audience

Restaraunt, Business, Marketing, Advertising, BrandingHead Chefs have to understand the patrons to which they cater. They design a menu that appeals to the eater’s palate. For content marketers it is necessary to design content that aligns with the interests and preferences of your core audience, so that it entices and engages them.

At TalenAlexander, research is a core content marketing process. We analyze and monitor our target audience to better understand their behavior. In a joint study conducted by Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profsresearch showed that 36% of companies with a documented content strategy indicated their content marketing is effective.

Any guesses as to why?  It’s successful because their content appeals to the taste of their target audience.

  1.  “Keep A Finger On The Pulse”

Head Chefs understand that diners taste changes along with cultural landscape. For example, have you noticed the increased use of avocados and avocado based dishes in the U.S.? At times they fuse traditional recipes with current trends, the result of which is sometimes a freshly inspired concept; innovative dishes can become trend setting.

Marketing, Trends, Branding, Advertising, Target AudienceContent marketers should learn how to integrate legacy media marketing with newer methodologies, and if necessary, create your own way to market content. The ultimate aim is to grab the attention of the target audience by disrupting their already preoccupied minds should be aligned with current trends. 

“The only thing constant in life is change.”-  François de la Rochefoucauld 

Bearing that in mind, remember that the old can become new again, just as the new becomes old.

  1.  Business Skills

Executive chefs understand the business of being a restaurateur. Apart from their culinary skills they are excellent managers, have logistical experience, and support administrative roles as well. 

Similarly, content marketers should learn the business of marketing content inside and out which includes costs and deliverables. Understanding how to leverage content to increase brand awareness, knowledge of distribution channels, marketing expenses, and ROI measurement all help create an effective marketing campaign.

  1.  Communication Skills

Kitchen, Communication, Marketing, Branding, AdvertisingThe pace in the kitchen can be hectic during peak dining hours and head chefs are able to run their restaurants using effective communication. 

Content marketers should focus on clearly communicating their message. At our agency, we believe marketing is only successful when it triggers a dialogue between the target audience and brand. 

  1.    Creativity

Marketing, Branding, Advertising, Creativity, Executive ChefCooking delicious meals is an art form, and so is marketing. You must enter into a creative space regularly to explore your tastes, and in the culinary world that creative space is the kitchen. 

Content marketers should learn to explore their creative space, mixing knowledge, research, and design to create quality content.

Remember, creativity never goes out of style.

  1.   Dexterity

Executive chefs need excellent manual dexterity including proper knife techniques for cutting, chopping, and dicing.

Content marketers should be aware of all the techniques that used to craft remarkable content– become fluent using the tools of the trade just like a head chef.

  1.   Time-Management Skills

Chefs must efficiently manage their time along with that of their staff. They ensure that all meals are prepared and served to diners in a timely manner, especially during peak hours.

Marketers also need to learn the skill of time management. Content has to be created within deadlines and in this fast paced world if content is late, it may lose its relevance.

  1.      Engagement

Engagement is the most important aspect in both fine dining and content marketing. Creating a meaningful connection with a customer can lead to a long term relationship– increased consumer life cycles.

Initial engagement is crucial for this reason alone. Once the target audience engages you, there are myriad ways to build upon this relationship.

  1.       Strategy

shutterstock_345311324Head Chefs have a strategy in place for everything from sourcing produce to the finished dish’s look, texture, and taste. Here are a few strategies head chefs you can check out.

The trademark of a successful strategy is careful planning of each stage down to the minutiae. You will have a clear idea of what content to prepare and how to present it so that your audience won’t be able to look away.

  1.   “Love Thy Work”

Love’s labor is not lost when a head chef designs a meal. They love the work they do and it shows in every aspect of the final product.

Learn love your work and perform it passionately. Anything created with love has a greater chance to evoke a response from your target audience.

Marketing is a way to grab a morsel of attention in this restaurant of the digital realm. The journey begins with a single byte, a single click, and turns into a successful campaign. We pride ourselves at TalenAlexander for continuously learning and churning out one delectable content dish after another. Are you?

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