5 Meditation Tips For Success In The Future

Guess what day it is? Yes, it’s Hump Day once again, but more importantly– It’s Back To The Future Day!

Thirty years (July 3, 1985) ago director Robert Zemeckis and Universal Pictures released the film franchise that would become a cultural landmark. Today, October 21st, 2015 marks the original intended date Marty McFly was set to arrive in the future.

As Marty noted in the above scene, we indeed have arrived in the future and continue to further shape tomorrow by the actions we make today. At TalenAlexander we understand that maintaining a personal and professional life balance while working towards the future is a struggle, as family matters most certainly crossover into your work day and vice versa.

It’s impossible for your life to go on hold at work or for work to go on hold while at home. Sometimes you just want to hit the road and escape the stress of everyday life, but we know that’s not necessarily possible and in some cases, responsible. So where can you can go? There’s only one place– The solitude that exists within our minds.

For that reason, this week we’d like to extend to you 5 Tips to Help You Get Started Meditating. So in the famous words of Doc Brown, “Roads? Where we’re going we won’t need… roads.”

1.Pick a regular time and quiet place

  • Find a quiet area you can regularly visit away from distractions. To get the full benefits of meditation, this is an essential step to incorporate in your regular meditation practice.

2.Sit comfortably

  • Getting into a comfortable seating position where you are relaxed, but with an erect spine is conducive to producing a state of resting consciousness. It’s not necessary to sit indian style or what is more commonly recognized as the lotus position.

3.Keep an empty stomach

  • Meditating before lunch is a great time. After eating a meal, the process of vasodilation occurs within our stomach and abdomen to aid in the digestion process. The result can leave you feeling drowzy and when your eyes are closed and body relaxed, it can induce sleep.

4.Breathe deeply

  • Deep breathing by inhaling in from your diaphragm and exhaling from your lower abdomen can help to expel excess carbon dioxide from your lungs. This step will help fully oxygenate red blood cells, stimulating blood flow, and help ease you into a meditative state.

5.Place a gentle smile on your face

It is important to enjoy the experience of meditation–it is the practice of taking time out of the day for yourself while embracing absolutely nothing.


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