Journal Keeping for Stress Management

It’s Hump Day once again and we know and understand that some of you out there are in eager anticipation of Friday. Professional and personal life stressors may have all, but wiped out the welcomed break and second wind provided by last weekend.

Looming deadlines, a drop in sales, and a list of new policies & procedures may have you feeling all but wiped out, and yet there still remain two more days in the work week? How are you going to make it to Friday, again?

We recommend you try, Journal Keeping.

Adam Grant, Ph.D. of Organizational Psychology and Psychology Today Contributor, noted in his article, Power of the Pen, the effects of journaling on a hundred engineers after being laid off by a computer company.

Three months later, in the control groups, less than 5% of the engineers were reemployed. In the expressive writing group, more than 26% of the engineers were reemployed.

Journal keeping is a long standing practice you’ve probably encountered at one time or another in your life, whether in grade school or college, but it is an age old practice nonetheless. At our agency, we ourselves are prone to the same daily stressors brought on by life, but have found journal keeping an invaluable tool for stress management.


Leonardo Da Vinci

Frida Khalo

Frida Khalo


Kurt Cobain

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