How to Identify & Avoid Bad Clients

We’ve all been there. You land a new client, you are excited for the relationship & potential of this deal, so you overlook the “bad stuff” because hey, business is business, right?


Let’s identify some classic bad client behaviors & see if they can be salvaged.

The Creepers

“Alexa, play Creep by TLC”

This client can sneak up on ya. They are a joy to talk with, so you’re excited to begin working on their project! The contract is signed, the tasks are in play, you’re in it! Then your client asks for a little extra fix on their site. Ah, of course, you will take care of that! You have great customer service, so you see it as no issue this one time.

Then it’s “just a little design”, “just a little blog”, “just a little….”

But when you fit them with the bill for all the “just a little’s”, they refuse to believe these tasks were outside of the agreed upon deliverables.

Scope Creep. It happens to the best of us.

A client who manipulates you to do free work is a client that does not respect your time, value & service. Forcing a confrontation about scope creep around every corner is a sure fire way to kill a great client relationship! So how do you marry stellar customer service & not being scammed by your client?

Honesty & Kindness. However, there is a balancing act between the two.
Kindness without honesty is manipulation.
Honesty without kindness is brutality.

Don’t let it build & then explode in a rage on your sweet client. If a client is requesting something outside