8 Top Marketing Trends in 2023 – Manufacturing Edition


Welcome to 2023! An age of a technological revolution where companies are stepping up their marketing efforts to keep up with their competition. We are here to help you learn how to modernize and freshen up your content to attract your customers in 2023, and the years to come! In this edition, we are putting a focus on the Manufacturing industry, and how to create eye-catching and effective content that produces sales and grows your audience.

1. Boost The Value of Your Content

Is your content not attracting your target audience? If so, that means your content is lacking the special “va-va-voom” that maximizes your online performance! It sounds like it’s time to reevaluate your strategy. Here are some things to consider when doing so:

  • Produce Client-First Content – What does this mean? It means keeping your customer’s interests top-priority when creating content. Ask yourself:
    • What do your customers want to know?
    • What could build their trust for your company?
    • What expertise could you give to make them feel good about your company?
  • Be Unique. What can’t your customers get from your competitors?
    • Embrace what your company is best at and what makes you different from the rest in your content.
  • Leave the Elaborations for Later. Keeping your Content Simple is Key!
    • Brief sentences & clear content is the way to go. You never want to expect that your customer knows what you know. Choose your words wisely, and ones that will hook your customers!
  • Any Customer Loves Visuals! Use Photo and Video Content to Your Advantage.
    • Photos and videos are perfect ways for your customers to understand more complex information. Especially in manufacturing, visual content can work wonders in helping customers understand your products and services.

2. Use Your Smartphone!

Pick up that phone, and start making content! It’s easier than you think! With today’s technology, you can start your visual content journey with just your smartphone! Are you doing a product install for a customer? Be sure to record some clips of the process, or take a simple before and after shot for your social media and website! The possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Product How-To’s
  • Product or Service Tips and Tricks
  • Teasers for Upcoming Launches
  • Present your Elevator Pitch
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Before & After Product Shots

3. Get Your Employees Online

Including Employees in your content creation & engagement is such a great way to promote your company & build trust between you and your customers. Employees not only build engagement when they like, comment, share, and produce content, but also grow trust with your company’s audience! Some examples of what they can share include:

  • Positive comments, posts, testimonials, etc.
  • Their expertise to customers on social media
  • Public company news
  • How they choose to use your company’s product or service in their own lives!

4. Automate Your Marketing Workflows

Work Smarter, Not Harder! Automating your workflows, if you haven’t already, will absolutely revolutionize how you produce content. This automation can allow you to post on multiple platforms all at one time, produce mass email blasts, schedule posts ahead of time, see data and results all in one place, and so much more! This will help maximize your results and minimize your time spent on it.

5. Testimonials, Testimonials, Testimonials!

Reviews are everything to customers! They build reliability, trust, and online visibility. The more positive testimonials you have, the more likely your potential customers will choose you over a competitor. Another great thing about testimonials is that they are reusable. They can be on your google listing, website, social media, print material, and more! So, make them a priority!

6. Send Better Emails

While email marketing can be extremely beneficial and cost-effective, the quality of your email matters. The more attention you grab, the better results. That means better writing, better call-to-actions, and more eye-catching visuals. A few main things to focus on include:

  • A Strong Subject Line
  • A Brief Email Length
  • Easy Understanding & Helpfulness
  • Purposeful Content & CTA’s

7. Create an Enhanced Social Media Presence

Increase your posting frequency. While you might say, “There is no way I have enough time to post 2-4 times a week,” remember what we said before. Plan, Automate, and Reuse. Pre-plan a bulk amount of posts, automate them to launch on their own, and reuse and recycle content on your various platforms. Once you get in the flow of it, it will be simpler than you think!

8. Be Personable to Your Audience

Lastly, be personable in your content like you would in face-to-face interactions with your customers. Make them feel heard, understood, and excited for their purchase through your content. This is yet another way to build your audience’s trust for your company.

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