Culture is what we refer to as the “secret sauce,” and is comprised of equal parts identity, personality, and philosophy. We often find that our clients struggle in connecting with the culture of their brand.

At TalenAlexander, we work extensively with your organization to bring forth the cultural nuances of your company. For example, When you plan an event, is the dress code suit & tie or business casual? When you tell a story, do you frame it with levity or brevity? Do you run your business like a well-oiled machine or are you of the liassez-faire mentality? Whatever the case may be, we unearth these underlying elements of your organizational structure and incorporate them into your brand.

By understanding your office culture, you allow your staff (managers and employees) to support the business brand identity. In turn, your business becomes a living, breathing entity with personnel with a cogent mission.

Our mission at TA:
To foster a relationship between​ Who You Are​ and​ What You Do​, so that​ What You Believe​ can be achieved. Love who you are. Love what you do. Love what you believe in. In developing this working culture, your company will be able to discover and channel your inner creative into brand collateral.

  • Scriptwriting
  • Storytelling

  • Internal Communications

  • Marketing

  • Event Coordination and Planning