Coffee Talk

Welcome back everyone. We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday! However, it’s time to get back to our regular schedule. So, what’s been going on in the tech-world since last week? Let’s catch up with a Coffee Talk.

  1. Samsung’s New Gear VR Commercial Is Worth A Watch!

Samsung recently released a new 30-second ad for its GEAR VR. Although there is nothing particularly exciting about it, there is a very interesting feature that is worth watching out. The ad shows virtual reality in a new light and closer to reality. It lets you watch a movie, play video game or just explore videos of your choice. The device costs $99 and is already listed as ‘sold out’ and ‘temporarily out of stock’ on online stores.

  1. Amazon Prime Music’s Top Challenge? Getting Prime Members To Notice It

Amazon Head of Digital Music, Steve Boom, says that the streaming service is pursuing customers, who don’t necessarily spend a significant amount of money on music.

Prime is a premium program, so we wanted to make sure we talked to customers about their biggest pain points in consuming digital music. The things we heard were really about the functionality; no advertising, full access on your mobile device, being able to take it offline on your mobile phone, and when you’re listening to stations, having the ability to have unlimited skips and rewind.

Since it is mandatory for a customer to spend money to belong to Prime, the company is having a tough time in persuading customers to make the conversion…

  1. Google+ Tries On New Social Media Identity

And you thought Google+ was nearing its end! The search engine giant recently revived its social media platform Google+ by giving it a completely new look and feel. Two of the distinct features of the social media channel – Communities and Collections are the areas Google is stressing upon more. It aims to make these sections robust along with streamlining the navigation process for easy viewing on mobile platforms.

Google Plus, Google +

Google + New Look; Courtesy of Social Strand

  1. Jawbone Sees Latest Round Of Layoffs
Fitness Tracker, Fitness, Health, Wellness, Sports Science, Exercise Technology

Jawbone creates wearable devices powered by data science.

It seems that layoff season is far from over with Jawbone joining the league. The maker of fitness trackers is closing down its New York premises and letting go of about 60 workers. Also, it is reported that it is cutting about 15 percent of its staff and as a part of this, will shrink its Bay Area locations. Jawbone also laid off workers in June, with, according to The Information, about 20 positions are affected.

  1. Yahoo Stops Some Users Accessing Emails in Ad-Blockers Row

“Block our ads and we’ll block your email” seems to be the new motto for Yahoo. The company confirmed that it indeed is preventing some people from accessing their email, if they are using ad-blocking software in their browser. This came to light when some users reported about getting a message on Yahoo Mail asking them to disable their ad-blocker in order to access their inbox.