Spread Love: Hattersley Chiropractic

Thank God It’s Friday! We’ve all made it through another work week, and hopefully it was a productive one.

What have you been up to this past week? Did you make your quota, launch a new campaign, or close out an old project? We’d love for you to share with us what’s going in your world as we share what’s been happening here at TalenAlexander.

This week we’d like to share a bit about our friend Lindsey Hattersley of Hattersley Chiropractic.

Hattersley Health & Wellness

Lindsey Hattersley, D.C.

At our agency we stress the importance of building a fully bodied brand with our clients. Oftentimes we are met with the response, “My brand is fine… Look at my logo.” This is most often a point of dissonance, where our client and ourselves differ in understanding the term brand.

While normally we try to broaden their perspective of branding to encompass more than a tagline, logo, and color scheme…it’s important that we reinforce the reality that marketing collateral is born of your branding.

Therefore, you can’t have one without the other. Case in point: Hattersley Chiropractic.

Hattersley Chiropractic: https://www.facebook.com/lindsey.hattersley

10430 Park Road Suite #100B, Charlotte, NC 28210

Our friend Lindsey explained to us that she was looking to relocate her business. Simultaneously, she sought to invoke the spirit of her brand during the process.

Hattersley Chiropractic is more than a physician’s office where you can straighten out your back problems. Instead, when you pay a visit to Hattersley’s office, you can expect an experience in progressive health & wellness treatment.

While you may have a history of back problems, a physical evaluation is only the beginning of uncovering your problems. Dieting, exercise, work conditions, extra-curricular activities, psyche, and age are all factors that contribute to our current state of health.

You can’t compartmentalize your problems in life as though they’re isolated events. The kinetic muscle chains in your body work similarly and require a comprehensive overview.

If you sit for long periods of time in an office. If you’re a long distance runner. If you have a sugar addiction. If you’ve suffered an injury. Or if you’re piling on stress. All of these factors contribute to our current state of health.

Hattersley Chiropractic seeks to help realign more than your spine. They’ll help you readjust your life.  Hours of brand engagement resulted in  understanding our client as a person from which we were able to develop a fitting logo.


For more information about their services, contact Hattersley Chiropractic at info@hattersleyhealth.com