Local HVAC and Air Quality Revolutionary Chooses the 2018 Hospital Sustainability Award Winner

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – February 06, 2019

Green Air Environmental has revolutionized the HVAC industry by introducing steam cleaning technology. Each year, Green Air Environmental awards two hospitals a Sustainability Award. This year, Phoebe Sumter Medical Center received the Green Air Environmental Sustainability Award.

Green Air Environmental

Since 2011, Green Air Environmental has been committed to providing first class service in the HVAC Preventive Maintenance industry. Founded by Tim Robinson and Nate Lincoln II, Green Air has revolutionized the Air Handler Unit and HVAC coil cleaning process. Unlike traditional cleaning processes that have used toxic and corrosive chemicals, Green Air harnesses the natural power of steam to clean Air Handling Units and HVAC systems. This revolutionary cleaning process has proven to increase reliability, efficiency as well as air quality.

In an effort to promote a green air mission, Green Air Environmental began recognizing its clients across healthcare, schools and industrial facilities for their dedication to sustainability and the environment by awarding Sustainability Awards in October of 2015. Each year, Green Air awards two hospitals out of 100 healthcare clients a Sustainability Award. Most recently, on December 11, 2018, Phoebe Sumter Medical Center was one of the recipients of the 2018 Green Air Hospital Sustainability Award for 100% implementation of Green Air’s Preventive Maintenance Air Handler Unit and HVAC Cleaning Program.

Phoebe Sumter Medical Center is a sprawling 80-bed hospital in central Georgia and has managed not only to implement Green Air’s cleaning program but a multitude of sustainable practices including recycling programs, LED lighting installation, low water use fixtures, VFD’s and many more green initiatives on their campus. The facility was also given LEED Silver certification when it was constructed in 2012.

Mr. Waldal, Facilities Director, relates that since the opening of the facility in 2012, “Patient care has been the priority of the facility. Ensuring that we provide a comfortable and safe environment for patients, staff, and visitors.”

In addition to a commitment to sustainable practices, Phoebe Sumter Medical center also embodies Green Air’s dedication to providing unmatched care to the people they serve. Green Air is proud to be a service partner to a facility that lives up to providing greener air and greener life.

Green Air Environmental is a specialized firm that is revolutionizing HVAC industry standards by using a totally chemical-free, medium pressure, high-temperature steam to clean Air Handling Units and HVAC systems. This process improves energy efficiency in HVAC systems which helps Green Air’s clients across the southeast. https://www.GreenAirEnv.com

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