Industry Leaders, Green Air Environmental, Launch Video Showcasing Their Revolutionary Air Quality Improvement Process and Benefits


Green Air Environmental shares video of their revolutionary Air Handler Unit and HVAC coil cleaning process.

Since 2011, Green Air Environmental has been committed to providing first-class service to the HVAC Preventive Maintenance industry. Founded by Tim Robinson and Nate Lincoln II, Green Air’s mission has remained the same: A better tomorrow, starts with a greener today.

Green Air Environment has completely revolutionized the Air Handler Unit and HVAC coil cleaning process. Unlike traditional cleaning processes that have used toxic and corrosive chemicals, Green Air harnesses the natural power of steam to clean Air Handling Units and HVAC coils. This process has proven to increase reliability, efficiency as well as air quality in commercial spaces.

Green Air Environmental

In an effort to help clients understand the process, Green Air Environmental is excited to share a video of their revolutionary process. It gives a behind-the-scenes look into how harmful pathogens enter a facility, how pathogens can decrease efficiency, and how Green Air’s chemical-free cleaning process works.

Additionally, the video explains how clean Air Handler Units and HVAC coils can lead to cleaner air and could save hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy, maintenance and replacement costs for commercial property owners.

Almost 10 years after formation, Green Air is continuing to show why they are the best choice for HVAC coil and AHU cleaning in the industry. Choose Green Air for reduced energy use, reduced costs, and increased indoor air quality.

To view the video, visit the Green Air website today!

Green Air Environmental is a specialized firm that is revolutionizing HVAC industry standards by using a totally chemical-free, medium pressure, high-temperature steam to clean Air Handling Units and HVAC systems. This process improves energy efficiency in HVAC systems which helps Green Air’s clients all along the East Coast live, breathe and save green.

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