Join the TalenAlexander Team

Step into the next phase of your marketing career

What We Are About

TalenAlexander is a boutique branding and marketing agency. We are a team that is passionate about client satisfaction and making a dent in this industry. We’re looking to expand our team by hiring people who are creative, fun-loving yet professional, and eager to learn and get the job done. TalenAlexander believes that with quality work ethic, you can get the job done no matter where your desk is. Whether in an office or on your couch, we expect you to perform at your best to ensure ultimate client satisfaction.

As a member of our team, you will be required to attend our weekly meetings in Ballantyne or Fort Mill as well as dedicate the working hours of 8am-5pm for phone calls and communication via our internal/external platforms.

Where Do You See Yourself?

The Client Communicator

In this position you will lead and document client-facing meetings as well as interact with clients on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. Our clients will come to you for questions and requests as you are the go-between for what the client wants and what we deliver.

The Software

In this position, you will aid in the development of website design per client’s request. Software skills are a MUST as you will be working with platforms such as Hootsuite, Office Suite, Vocus/PRWeb, Basecamp, Toggl, and Slack. An in-depth understanding of web development is necessary to truly excel in this job.

The Collaborative CampaigneR

In this position, you will be in a leader role as you manage the creative content development and execution of marketing campaigns including email blasts, PR opportunities, etc. As a collaborative campaigner you will establish content matrix/editorials for various clients across various industries taking into account SEO goals and holiday trends.

The Content Creator

In this position, a strong professional writing capability is required. You will be tasked with editorial reviews for blogs, documents, web pages, and writing such content for specific industries. In our meeting you will help lead conversation and updates regarding internal and external content.

The Social Media Specialist

In this position, you will establish content distribution strategies for blogs, press releases, and social media content along with cold-calling media personnel to pitch stories and garner interest. You must be able to create editorial and social media calendars for multiple clients taking into account various SEO goals and client objectives and manage several client social media accounts including but not limited to, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest manually as well as utilizing Hootsuite.