The Importance of Media Partnerships

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Whether it is a publishing partner, a philanthropic organization, or even a segment on a television show, partnerships build and support businesses. In a media-fragmented culture, delivering to a mass audience is not necessarily the goal anymore. Investing in trustworthy media partners, such as local organization CharlotteFive, increase your conversion rates as they target niche audiences specifically interested in your goods and services. These partnerships will not only grow your business by nature, but build your audience, social networks within the industry, and overall credibility by association.

When looking for a media partner, you aim to find a mutually beneficial relationship that will truly last on the basis of effectivity and trust. Let’s say you are the owner of a dental office looking for media opportunities. You have read all about why they are important, you know of some local magazines with digital platforms, but you aren’t sure where to start.

Step 1: Research

A pretty self-explanatory step, though businesses pay a lot of money for companies to do this for them. In order to attain an effective media partnership, you need to research what publications exist, who they speak to, their levels of engagement, and other relevant statistics. You will not do your business any favors by selecting a media outlet that is barely seen or engaged with.

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Step 2: Target your industry

Pick a partner that already has a known place within your industry. If you are in the dentistry business, you will find hundreds of publications directly targeted for this industry. Simply go through some of the media kits found on any publications website and evaluate which publication is going to be most beneficial for your business’ needs. It can also be wise to get in a local magazine package if your area is a demographic you want to reach.

Step 3: Reach Out

Reach out with contact information and show some excitement! Present your business as a great opportunity for them to sponsor quality content that will drive engagement, while also expressing your interest in their publication. If the partnership flourishes, both parties build a relationship and truly help the other thrive. Ask them about what avenues within their publication best fit your goals and fully explore every avenue you could use to advertise your business.

Step 4: Invest

Feel free to give yourself a trial run! Set a realistic goal of results you want to see within a certain time frame and if those aren’t met, look into another outlet! While the fragmented media can be frustrating, it offers endless options for you to find your perfect partner.


Investing in a relationship allows your business to be seen by the eyes of consumers who actually care. Instead of a program sending out mass emails that will most likely be deleted, you position yourself in a spot where interested people will learn more about you.

Once you’ve partnered with another business, you are organically given credibility by association and furthermore, you can build your credibility off of theirs. By existing on multiple platforms, you gain a more credible, discoverable voice.

One of the most important benefits of a relationship with a media partner is you get to build your social networks. Networking is everything. The more people you know, the more opportunities will present themselves.

Media partnerships sound far more intimidating than they actually are. Think of it like a waterboy during the Superbowl game. He may feel small compared to a televised game, but without him providing water for the players, they would be dehydrated, lack energy, and underperform. Though the player is bigger, he/she needs the waterboy to make money. Feel confident that your business has the potential to positively impact the other business better.