5 Reasons to Rebrand

Keeping your business modern and fresh can be a daunting task. For many business owners, the word “rebrand” itself sounds like an expensive journey you don’t want to embark on. Well, there’s no need to brace for financial impact. Instead, evaluate what aspects need an update by considering the below and don’t waste your resources on changing elements that don’t need fixing!

Lack of Resonance

Is your brand one that consumers can connect with? If you find that your business comes across as informative but dry, it’s time to add some flair to your story. Telling a compelling story is what ultimately leads to brand recognition and loyalty amongst your client base. Not sure what story to tell? Simply start with what services your business offers and why they are valuable to your clients. Are you offering financial advisement? Speak to the authentic value of your expert advice and your desire to truly put them first by helping them save money in the long run. Are you a florist? Tell your audience how you found your passion and why you do what you do. Show them your dense knowledge of the subject area with contagious enthusiasm. No matter what you sell or the service you offer, there’s always a story, give consumers the connection they’re looking for.


While similar to lack of resonance, an irrelevant brand deserves its own category. Many business minds can get stuck in a comfortable and safe web of tradition. This is a dangerous web that you don’t want to stay in for long. Apple Inc., for example, has done a flawless job of remaining relevant over decades. Do you remember when they came out with the first iPod? That clunky piece of tech was the most popular thing on the market in 2001. But fast forward to today and you can witness its rapid evolution. No one’s still using the 2001 version of the iPad anymore. Why? Because Apple did what it continues to do best and stayed ahead of the game by offering new products at a mind-blowing pace. Evaluate your business by asking customers and scoping out the competition to ensure that you haven’t started falling behind in the race. Are your services still solving the 21st Century consumer’s problems? Will your website display properly across mobile phones, tablets, and desktop devices? If not, your brand can become irrelevant. 

Expansion of Services

Maybe you find yourself in the position of needing new services or needing to zero in on a specific type of service. This calls for a rebrand. Maybe you have two separate demographics you’re trying to reach or a separate business branch that offers a different service. Be vigilant to ensure that your change is clearly communicated and streamlined across all elements of your business. If you have a logo, a specific color scheme, a tagline, streamline the detail(s) so your consumer’s don’t get confused and you don’t lose business.

Are you just not showing up to the game?

Roughly 90% of online traffic starts with a search engine. If a potential client types in a service or product that your business offers into Google, will you be in the top list of results they find? Otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization, good SEO practices put you at the top of that list. While you may have to pay a program or agency money to optimize your business on a search engine, monitoring SEO is extremely important. If your name isn’t on the list, you can’t expect to be found. More importantly, where you are on that list will determine how much the consumer trusts the validity of your brand.

Change in Leadership

Last but not least, you may be a new leader to the team and have some tweaks you need to make. This often happens when a new leader steps into an already existing business. If you see changes need to be made, make sure those changes align with your services, brand voice, and overall identity. Otherwise, you’ll need to alter your brand entirely to accommodate the new adjustments.

A rebrand does not have to as intimidating as it sounds. Just remember to focus on one thing at a time, ensure that what you offer is unique and that you clearly communicate this to consumers across all platforms.